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Social Justice Café for Girls: Positively Impacting The World

This is a piece written by one of our Social Justice Girls, Amari Kedar.

As a newly inducted Social Justice Girl, it has been interesting to see how the organization is run. However, the more time that I spend with this great organization, the clearer it is that everyone plays an integral role in this organization. From Ms. Sharnell who leads with excellence and grace, to Ms. Melba who does a fantastic job as parent coordinator, to our three Peer Leaders De’jah, Yari, and Nia who do an excellent job of helping to shape the young girls apart of this organization, to the young girls that are positively affected through this organization- one thing is evident: that the organization truly has a powerful impact on its community.

Though the Social Justice Café for Girls is new, it has already done so much, and hopes to do more. This past year, the Café traveled to Guatemala and had quite a bit of a culture shock because of some of the customs that are done in the U.S. and not done in Guatemala and vice versa. Nevertheless, the fierce group of girls adapted quickly. Spanish lessons were taken to help foster better communication between the Guatemalans and the Café. And, the Café planted over 100 trees in Guatemala as part of their legacy project. It is honestly astonishing to see the incredibly positive impact that the people of Guatemala had on the Café when they visited. Thus, the Café has done great things this past year.

Though the Café does a lot to affect the world, they also help to inspire growth in the mentored girls right here in the United States. During meetings, the Café talks about how actions, whether good or bad, influence those around them. Discussions about how to be welcoming are very important, and the idea of inclusivity is golden. Girls share their experiences of how they were affected positively or negatively by the actions that they have made and the actions of others. The Café also talks about how a girl, more importantly a Social Justice Girl, should conduct themselves. Being kind, practicing good hygiene, being inclusive, helping to create a safe space in the Café for themselves and other girls, and being open-minded are just a few of the topics discussed in meetings.

It is a foundational belief that the Café girls are responsible for helping to positively change their communities, and eventually foster positive change for the world. In our meetings, there is also conversation about how we can help as an organization. Ideas such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house, adopting a class and continuing to provide school supplies and other educational necessities for the children year-round, and volunteering at other shelters and building relationships with these organizations are thrown around by our director and the girls.

To conclude, the Social Justice Café for Girls Organization has done so much this year and hopes to do even more next year. The goal of the Café is to raise awareness for girls about social change and to mentor the girls so that they will help foster positive change for the community, and eventually, the world!

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